IFMRS Update February 2021

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CEO's update

Dear All, 

I’m delighted to open this first newsletter of 2021, and of the first year of our new Strategic Plan, by welcoming a new member organization – the Danish Bone Society – and a new affiliate member organization – the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) – to our growing community, making our federation increasingly global, and increasingly representative of all aspects of musculoskeletal research. The momentum which we gained in the second half of 2020 is continuing, and I dare say even gathering pace.
I’m delighted to open this first newsletter of 2021, and of the first year of our new Strategic Plan, by welcoming a new member organization – the Danish Bone Society – and a new affiliate member organization – the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) – to our growing community, making our federation increasingly global, and increasingly representative of all aspects of musculoskeletal research. The momentum which we gained in the second half of 2020 is continuing, and I dare say even gathering pace.

When people or organizations choose to join a bigger membership body, one of their key considerations is around  “value”. This is often expressed as a quid-pro-quo: what is the value, to me, of being part of this organization? 

This is both normal and reasonable. Any membership body seeking strength in diversity, and wishing to operate to by anything other than diktat – which is rarely advisable - needs to constantly bear this in mind. “Value” can, however, mean different things. In healthcare, for example, the emergence of “value-based healthcare” has led to a far more holistic and sophisticated understanding of healthcare systems than the more traditional view of “value” as value-for-money. The interesting thing about value is that it always pushes us to look at the bigger picture, and to move from the transactional to the relational, and from short-term, specific interests to long-term, collective ones. 

There are many ways that a global alliance like the IFMRS adds value to each of its member organizations: the facilitation of dialogue and shared learning, a stronger collective voice, a truly global reach – all of which are captured in our 3 key pillars of network, knowledge and influence. But there is also a bigger value, which is generated by different people and organizations sitting around the same (virtual) table: the value of common purpose. This can be very powerful, and it is what ultimately makes the difference between a talking shop and a genuine collective force. But it only happens if every participant sees themselves as part of a bigger effort that can only be achieved collectively. 

I’ve seen this work, and achieve great things, at both the national and international level. I think we’ve got that today, in the IFMRS. But it needs constant nurturing, and it needs all of us to be ambassadors for a collegiate, inclusive, big-picture way of working. 

And so to our plans for 2021. We’ve already remarked on the importance of digital communications to everything we do, and I’m delighted to welcome Zachi Brewster to the role of Digital Communications Officer. Zachi will be working with me and many of our members to improve all our communications, and to continue to build HubLE and the MSK Knowledge Portal in particular to be the first-class knowledge hubs they can and aspire to be. 

In March we’ll be hosting three virtual workshops as part of “H. Fleisch Week”, which takes the place of our weekend-long H. Fleisch Workshop, now taking place in Bruges, Belgium, next year. These workshops are free to all members of our member societies, and while they are particularly aimed at early or mid-career researchers, we’re sure that they will also be of interest to a much broader musculoskeletal and research audience. Registration is now open, so please take a moment to visit our website and sign up!

We’ve also got plans for at least one virtual roundtable in the first half of the year, and we’ll be starting to make our voice heard alongside the G-MUSC as we kick off our influencing workstream.

Finally, please check out the range of events from our member organizations, and be sure to keep telling us what you’re planning, so we can help to amplify it either through this newsletter or through social media.

Thank you! 

Federico Moscogiuri



The musculoskeletal research community in times of Covid-19: strong and resilient

Gudrun Stenbeck
Brunel University London
ECTS representative on the IFMRS board
Looking back at a difficult year, when research and treatment efforts around the world were focussed on fighting Covid-19, we should not forget patients with musculoskeletal diseases. Seeing the power of combining research efforts across the globe, it is vital for our research community to embrace the same efforts to benefit our patients suffering from these debilitating diseases. ECTS and IFMRS both strive to provide fora for these combined research efforts. As ECTS representative on the IFMRS board, I have first-hand experience of IFMRS efforts to unify research into musculoskeletal diseases and to promote change in government policies to benefit patients with musculoskeletal diseases. It is anticipated that exciting new developments from the big data initiative, the MSK Knowledge Portal and the HubLE website will facilitate an open and unifying approach to data-, information- and policy-sharing across the globe. 
Despite the restrictions on travel due to Covid19, ECTS is looking back at a year that demonstrated that the musculoskeletal research community is strong and resilient. Attendance at the ECTS 2020 digital live conference exceeded expectations and created a vibrant atmosphere of data and information sharing, which was extended by the ECTS@home sessions. The annual PhD training course moved online and was hosted in June as digital masterclass that proved to be extremely popular. ECTS is grateful to its corporate sponsors for standing by the scientific community despite the ongoing challenges. We are now looking forward to returning to some form of normality in 2021, although the ECTS2021 congress will be a digital event to allow everybody to attend regardless of the pandemic status. 
You can join the ECTS2021 live event on 6-8 May 2021 (abstract submission deadline 11.1.2021) and the ECTS@home on 19-20 May, 10-11 June and 18 June 2021 (for more information visit We also look forward to the ECTS PhD training course returning to Edinburgh on 27-30 August 2021 and a number of exciting new webinars. Check out the ECTS website for more information. And please join the ECTS president Bo Abrahamsen for a Season’s Greetings Presidential Coffee Shop to catch up with your ECTS friends and colleagues on 17 December, 4-5pm CET.
The IFMRS has just adopted a new Strategic Plan for 2021-2023, based on the three pillars: network, knowledge, influence. To implement this ambitious plan, newly established committees, composed of leaders in the field will work on achieving a truly global response to the challenges our research community is now facing. I am very much looking forward to all of us working together to bring these plans to fruition!

IFMRS Strategic Plan 2021-2023

We have published our new Strategic Plan, which will guide the IFMRS for the next three years.
Among other things, the plan highlights the use of digital communications and digital platforms such as the MSK Knowledge Portal and HubLE to engage and share knowledge with an increasingly broad and diverse global audience, and our increasing focus on speaking with one voice to raise the profile of MSK research and influence effectively on behalf of our whole community. Click on the cover opposite to download a copy.


ASBMR Member Spotlight Series in 2021

Brought to you by the ASBMR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, the Member Spotlight Series aims to highlight exciting new research from our members in a collaborative setting. ASBMR members are comprised of a diverse collection of individuals from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures who bring a host of life experiences, values, and beliefs. Each Spotlight will feature 1-2 members presenting on a current research project over 15-20 minutes each. Following each short presentation, there is an opportunity for Q&A and discussion with the audience. To view the schedule of upcoming presentations click here.

ASBMR Early Stage Investigator (ESI) Clinical Workshop Series

This ESI series aims to engage clinical fellows/trainees in stimulating discussion around musculoskeletal topics ranging from common metabolic conditions that are complex to manage (e.g. CKD and bone), rare cases, diagnostically challenging cases, and specialized groups (e.g., early-onset osteoporosis). Each workshop will feature two cases, each presented over 30 minutes. Attendees will be encouraged to ask written questions (via a chat function) to allow a more interactive style. To view the upcoming schedule, click here.

ORS News

ORS 2021 Annual Meeting, All Access

We look forward to welcoming you to the ORS 2021 Annual Meeting, All Access, February 12 – 16, 2021.  Register on or before Wednesday, December 16 (11:59pm, Pacific) to get the lowest registration rates (1/2 price)!

The Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) Annual Meeting continues to be the most prominent international musculoskeletal research meeting in the world, featuring the top experts in the field. The ORS 2021 meeting will be no exception. Not only are our meeting participants from around the world, but most of the ORS 2021 Annual Meeting will be aired in 3 time zones (London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo) in an effort to fully engage our participants from around the globe.

ORS 2021 will feature:

ORS will continue to provide quality science, quality programming, and inspiration, as well as opportunities to collaborate and network!  

*LIVE programs that will be available to all ORS 2021 registrants on-demand following the live event.

ORS Launches Innovation and Commercialization Track for ORS 2021

Launched during the 2018 Annual Meeting, the ORS Business Innovation Competition (BIC) provides ORS members the tools to understand the commercial potential of their idea/technology/research, and the expert guidance and educational programming to develop a strategy and business plan.  The program is organized by an interdisciplinary team of industry members, clinicians, investors, entrepreneurs, regulatory experts, and academic members.
Due to increased interest in this program, an Innovation and Commercialization (I&C) Track will be offered during the ORS 2021 Annual Meeting.  The track includes various sessions, workshops, a panel discussion, poster pitches, interactive exercises, and virtual networking events.  The Network will also create resources and opportunities beyond the annual meeting including webinars and LearnORS (online learning) programs. 
To learn more visit


ANZBMS 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting

This year, the ANZBMS Annual Scientific Meeting was held in a virtual format from 12-14th October with over 300 registrants. The program included invited talks by international and local speakers, an Outstanding Abstract session, Young Investigator Sessions, Kyowa Kirin Medical Education Symposium, Amgen Lunchtime session, along with basic and clinical presentations. This year’s plenary talks were by Prof Harald Jueppner (Harvard University), Prof. Jennifer Byrne (University of Sydney), and Dr. Yuki Yoshimoto (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology). 

There was a tremendous amount of interaction between delegates with the chat function used to share thoughts, ideas and provide positive encouragement to presenters. Dedicated posters sessions throughout the meeting also encouraged delegates to view the posters and ask questions. The ANZBMS Early Career Investigator Committee provided a strong accompanying program focussed on Career Development, Clinical Cases and a Networking Breakfast “Stop, Collaborate and Listen”. Throughout the meeting, sessions were chaired by both senior members and early career researchers who did a fantastic job fielding questions in the Q&A sections for each talk. Overall, this virtual meeting was a tremendous success and provided a brilliant opportunity for all to share research, ideas and thoughts.
Next year, our annual scientific meeting will be a combined meeting with the Endocrine Society of Australia and Society of Reproductive Biology in Melbourne from 1-4 November, 2021.

Coffee Catch ups

To further facilitate engagement and communication in the absence of a face-to-face meeting in 2020, our Early Career Investigator Committee ​(ECIC) launched a new initiative “virtual coffee catch-ups”. ​These 1 hour sessions allowed those in the musculoskeletal field to stay connected, interact and to discuss important topics with guest speakers. These included “How COVID 19 impacted musculoskeletal research in Australia and New Zealand”, “How to play the research game”, “Making mentorship work” and “​Gaining research independence”. All sessions were well attended with much lively discussion, tips and experiences shared and a lot of positive feedback received. The success of these sessions will see their continuation into 2021.


ECTS 2021 Digital Congress

We are pleased to announce that the ECTS 2021 will be held as a Virtual Event: 

Live Prime Time on 6-8 May 2021

ECTS@Home on 19-20 May, 10-11 June & 18 June 2021

Be part of ECTS 2021 Digital: submit your abstract or clinical case before 11 January and register now.

Help us to shape the ECTS 2022 Scientific Programme: Send us programme suggestions by 31 December

More Upcoming ECTS Events

ECTS 2021 PhD Training Course: 27-30 August 2021 in Edinburgh. Save the date, more details to come soon!

Webinar on Covid-19 and Osteoporosis: 14 January 2021 4pm CET – Register here 

Bone, Muscle & Beyond Webinars: 2021 calendar now available - Check it out & register 


JSBMR 2021 Annual Meeting

The 39th Annual Meeting of the JSBMR is schedule for 8-10 October 2021in Kobe, Japan. Further information will be made available on our website.


The 5th Bone Specialist Program of the KSBMR in Seoul, South Korea

We are pleased to announce that the 5th Bone Specialist Progam of the Korean Society of Bone and Mineral Research (KSBMR) will be held on Saturday, 30 January, 2021 in Seoul, South Korea. The event will be an on-site congress with virtual real-time broadcasting.
The Bone Specialist Program seeks to present scientific programs and networking opportunities, especially for junior clinicians, and to share experiences and insights to practical questions we encounter in clinics. 
The organizing committee is now working to create an event with both on-site lectures and virtual real-time broadcasting, which will be a valuable and engaging experience for presenters and attendees. 
The program includes:

  • Meet-The-Expert sessions with an opportunity to interact with experts in an intimate setting and discuss specific clinical and research topics
  • ASBMR 2020 Annual Meeting Highlights
  • Lectures by distinguished scholars from Korea
  • Live and interactive Q&A sessions following symposiums 

It is our goal to provide a platform so that up-to-date knowledge and insights in the field of bone and muscle metabolism can be shared for our collective mutual benefit.


ICCBH New Investigator Networking Group

Networking and exchange of ideas has become a challenging task, especially for those at an early stage in their careers. Following on from a lively new investigator session and networking during the recent ICCBH bone fragility disorders meeting we would like to set up more activities and support for new investigators working in the paediatric bone field.  
Aim: To keep the community connected and to find new strategies for scientific exchange.  
Target audience: Early-career clinical and basic researchers with focus on paediatric bone health from anywhere in the world.
How to get involved: Please follow this link and fill in our contact form.
Thank you!
Adalbert Raimann (Vienna, Austria)/Marie-Eve Robinson (Ottawa, Canada)
ICCBH New Investigator Co-ordinators


14th International Conference on Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Sheffield, UK
1-4 September 2021
ICCBH Bone School
Dublin, Ireland
29 June – 1 July 2022
10th International Conference on Children’s Bone Health
Dublin, Ireland
2-5 July 2022

ON Foundation News

Research Grants to promote orthoregeneration

ON Foundation is dedicated to advance orthopedic tissue regeneration. At the moment following grant opportunities are available:

  • Kick-Starter Grant: Novel or improved approaches for the regeneration and repair of injured muscle (10'000 CHF)
  • Pilot Grant: Advanced techniques and materials for the regeneration and repair of shoulder injuries and deficiencies (25'000 CHF)
  • Pilot Grant: Advanced techniques and materials for the preservation of the knee and hip joint (25'000 CHF)
  • Pilot Grant: Advanced techniques and materials for the regeneration and repair of injuries and deficiencies of foot and ankle (25'000 CHF)

Application deadline is 23 December, 2020. Click here to apply

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